Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Rosé Wines


    McGuigan Zero Rosé NV 0.0% Alcohol Free Wine 750ml

    McGuigan Zero Rosé NV alcohol free is an aromatic and vibrant winner,…
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    Carl Jung Mousseux Rosé Sparkling Wine 0.5% ABV Low Alcohol Wine 70cl

    Carl Jung Sparkling Rose is the tingling alcohol-free alternative for you Rose…
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    DC Rosé Wine 0.5% Low Alcohol Wine

    DC Rosé non alcoholic wine is a luscious salmon pink and packed…
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    Carl Jung Rosé Wine 0.5% ABV Low Alcohol Wine 70cl

    Carl Jung Rosé Wine Tasting Notes A beautiful pink alcohol free wine…
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    Vintense Sparkling Rosé Fine Bubbles 0% Alcohol Free Wine 750ml

    Vintense Rosé Fine Bubbles alcohol free is the perfect aperitif to share…
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    Spanish Torres Natureo Rosé Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon 0.0% Alcohol Free Wine 1 x 750ml

    Alcohol free rosé wine allows you to be part of the celebration,…
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    Thomson & Scott Noughty Rose-Organic Alcohol Free Sparkling 750 ml

    Tasting Notes Elegant pale rose colour with a soft and ripe apple…
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    Oddbird Sparkling Rosé Alcohol Free Wine 750ml

    Oddbird Sparkling Rosé Alcohol Free is an elegant sparkling wine that will…
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    Pierre Zéro Alcohol Free Rosé Party Wine Box – 3 litre

    The Pierre Zéro Alcohol Free Rosé Wine Box is a great choice…

Tempted to try alcohol free rosé wine or low alcohol rosé wine?

Well, our range proves you don’t need alcohol to discover pretty-in-pink wines with fresh and lively characters.

And you can be certain it’s all about drinking pleasure when you buy from Dry Drinker. Only wines that we’ve tasted and enjoyed make it into the shop. They’re all rosé we’d recommend to our friends. Go on, be seduced!

Food pairing

Enjoy non alcoholic rosés packed with berry flavours and refreshment. Rosé pairs well with light but spicy dishes and is an ideal aperitif. Just savour the intense pink colour, red fruit notes and long finish.

Dedicated producers

And be assured, we source from producers dedicated to making alcohol free wine to enjoy in its own right. Traditional methods are paired with new technology to offer a great drinking experience. You deserve the best.


Torres non alcoholic wines, at 0.05% ABV, will keep everyone happy at the dinner table. This is a family-run business with more than 150 years winemaking experience. Now the fifth generation is blending tradition with innovation to produce quality wines across the globe.


Vintense is about 100% pleasure with 0.0% alcohol. Their experts carefully select the grapes and wines that work best alcohol free. The only question is which one to try first?