Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Sparkling Wines

Tempted to try alcohol-free and low alcohol sparkling wines? Well, sample our extensive range to see you don’t need alcohol to find fizz that bubbles with taste and sophistication.

And be it blanc or rosé, be certain it’s all about drinking pleasure when you buy from Dry Drinker. Only premium sparkling wines that we’ve tasted and enjoyed make it into the shop. We’d recommend them to our friends. Go on, get the party started!


You deserve more than fizzy water when everyone else is toasting with Champagne. Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Sparkling Wines make you part of the party while staying alcohol-free.

Dedicated producers

And be assured, we source our fizz from producers dedicated to making alcohol free sparkling wine to enjoy in its own right. Traditional methods are paired with new technology to offer a great drinking experience. You deserve the best.


Kupferberg Gold Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine is easy drinking and effervescent, with zero alcohol to worry about!


Sohnlein Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine is a fresh and zesty sparkling wine made from grapes grown in the Rhineland of Germany.


More than 150 years winemaking experience go into the alcohol free sparkling wines from the Gratien & Meyer cellars in Loire valley.

Chapel Hill

The best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are used to make Chapel Hill’s sparkling white and rose at this Hungarian winery.


Henkell has been ‘Making life sparkle since 1856’,  with its marriage of the French art of cuvée and German cellar mastery.

Scavi & Ray

Scavi & Ray produce an award-winning Prosecco and use the same Glera grape in their aromatic non-alcoholic version


Wine house MRG has worked with Champagne expert Richard Juhlin to create two premium sparkling wines. Its Morouj brand also offers a sparkling white and sparkling rose.


Vintense is about 100% pleasure with 0.0% alcohol. Their experts carefully select the grapes and wines that work best alcohol-free. The only question is which of their sparkling wines to try first?


Elkington’s Sparkling ‘Gin’ Rhubarb is a gentle, subtle blend of steam distilled gin botanicals and English rhubarb.


Torres non-alcoholic wines, at 0.05% ABV, will keep everyone happy at the dinner table. This is a family-run business with more than 150 years winemaking experience.

Bees Knees

Bees Knees Alcohol-Free Wine is a finely balanced combination of sparkling grape juice and premium tea infusion. And all with lots of lovely bubbles.