Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol White Wines

Tempted to try alcohol free white wine or low alcohol white wine?

Well, our range proves you don’t need alcohol to discover loads of taste, aroma and character.

And you can be certain it’s all about drinking pleasure when you buy from Dry Drinker. Only wines that we’ve tasted and enjoyed make it into the shop. They’re all wines we’d recommend to our friends.

Food pairing

You can enjoy non alcoholic whites packed with flavour and refreshment. Pair them with fish, game and poultry, earthy goats cheese and a sharp lemon tart or vanilla ice-cream for dessert. Or just savour a glass as you enjoy pale clear colours, citrus notes and satisfying long finish.

Dedicated producers

And be assured, we source from producers in Europe and the USA who are dedicated to making alcohol free wine to enjoy in its own right. Traditional methods are paired with new technology to offer a great drinking experience. You deserve the best.


Torres non alcoholic wines, at 0.05% ABV, will keep everyone happy at the dinner table. This is a family-run business with more than 150 years winemaking experience. Now the fifth generation is blending tradition with innovation to produce quality wines across the globe.


Vintense is about 100% pleasure with 0.0% alcohol. Their experts carefully select the grapes and wines that work best alcohol free. The only question is which one to try first?


California’s renowned Napa Valley vineyards are home to Ariel wines. They pioneered dealcoholised wines in the USA and have been winning awards since 1986.


MRG, the wine house behind Morouj, develops, produces and distributes non alcoholic premium wines. The wine house chooses grapes that work best alcohol free and then ages the wine in oak barrels to preserve the aromas.