Alcohol Free Craft Beers

Dry Drinker’s range of alcohol free craft beer offers light and refreshing pale ales, soothing chocolatey stouts, the punch of hoppy bitterness and crisp citrus notes.

If you’re a craft beer fan looking for light beers, cutting back on alcohol for health reasons or just fancy a change, you are in the right place. So let’s start exploring!

Exclusive Taster Packs

Big Drop Craft Beer Collection (12/24 bottles)
4 amazing alcohol free craft beers in one mixed collection from the innovative micro-brewery Big Drop. All with massive flavour and very different. From chocolate to citrus herbs and hops, to an amazing refreshing lager and a spicy brown ale with a sweet berry aftertaste, these beers won’t disappoint. Chocolate Milk Stout, Lager, Spicy Ale and Pale Ale, all 0.5% ABV.

Nirvana Craft Beer Collection – (12/24 bottles) – shipping soon
Coming soon. And London’s Nirvana Brewery has invited Dry Drinker to offer 4 alcohol free craft beers in one mixed pack for the first time. Open this box of alcohol free drinking delights and enjoy Sutra IPA, Karma and Tantra Pale Ales and Kosmic Stout.

Craft Pale Ales

In addition to the Taster Packs, we’ve got a splendid range of pale ales.
There’s Karma (0.5% ABV) and Tantra (0.0%ABV) from Nirvana Brewery, and the Big Drop’s Citrus Pale Ale.

Or why not try Original Pale Ale 0% from Leeds Brewery, with a light grassy aroma and a crisp lightness.

Scottish brewers Innis & Gunn give big hop bitterness in Innis & None Pale Ale (0.0% ABV) Balanced with a touch of sweetness and the added goodness of ginseng and vitamin C. Perfect for after the gym.

Drink’in the Sun

Drink’in the Sun 0.3% ABV is a light-bodied fruity alcohol free craft beer from Mikkeller, one of Denmark’s finest micro-breweries.

Nanny State

Nanny State 0.5% ABV is a force to be reckoned with. With a backbone of 8 different speciality malts, this little masterpiece from Brew Dog will tantalise your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.

St Peter’s Without® and Without® Gold

St Peter’s Brewery has created two special alcohol free  craft beers. First we had the malty, full-bodied St Peter’s Without® . And then Without® Gold – a light golden ale guaranteed to tempt the lager lovers.

Alcohol free craft beer Calories

Ooh, craft beer is tasty. Very tasty. And so it’s good to know that alcohol free craft beer has got at least 25% fewer calories than the alcoholic versions.

And the real joy of alcohol free craft beers? You know there’s always a new one on the way, as our inventive craft breweries get to work. Dry Drinker is always on the lookout for new non alcoholic beers to try. So, if you find a good one that we don’t stock – get in touch

Trusted Shops reviews

‘Great selection of beers and a fast, friendly service.’ (October 2017)

‘Treating myself to a bottle or two of the new Gold Ale from St Peters. Excellent. Being a repeat customer I can’t thank Dry Drinker enough for the quality of the beers.’
(July 2017)

‘Unsurpassable choice of drinks and tasting notes are spot on. I am a very satisfied customer and am very happy to recommend them.’ (October 2017)