Carl Jung - The path of a great idea

Carl Jung - The path of a great idea

At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Carl Jung, wine merchant and son of a winemaking family from the Rheingau, busied himself with the question: can wine be enjoyed without alcohol?

The decisive factor for this was that at that time more and more customers were swearing off wine due to health issues. But Carl Jung had one thought: wine needs taste, not alcohol.

Inspired by expeditions to the Himalayas, which reportedly used rapidly boiling water at extreme altitudes, he succeeded in 1907 with a ground-breaking invention. He developed the vacuum-extraction process. In this process, the alcohol is gently withdrawn from the wine at less than 30 degrees. With aroma recovery, the natural wine aromas are captured. Bouquet and taste are preserved.

It was awarded a patent for its process and thus Carl Jung became the inventor of the alcohol-free wine.
The passion and years of research on his invention led to further patents that constantly refine the quality and taste of our non-alcoholic wines.

For more than 100 years now and in the 5th generation, the passion for non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines has lived on at Boosenburg Castle. We have been and still are guided by the vision of Dr. Carl Jung’s vision: wine needs taste, not alcohol.

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