Discover Nirvana Brewery’s Award-Winning Hand-Crafted Alcohol-Free Beers

Discover Nirvana Brewery’s Award-Winning Hand-Crafted Alcohol-Free Beers

Becky started the journey to Nirvana Brewery in 2016 and her brother-in-law Drew joined her in 2018.

Becky comes from a beer-loving family and with her brother Joe spent months travelling around Germany sampling the best alcohol-free beers, which gave her all the intel to start her own alcohol-free brewing journey in London.

Drew meanwhile loved a drop after playing Sunday League football, and developed a taste for the best craft beers. Now he’s a proud dad, Drew really appreciates a midweek beer without the midweek hangover.

Becky and Drew are both huge fans of craft beer and their mission is to bring the joy of beer to everyone, for the sheer joy of it. No rules, no alcohol, no worries.

We’ll toast to that. Cheers!

At we’re famous for our No & Low Alcohol beers but sometimes, with so much choice available, it's difficult to know where to start. Nirvana Brewery are on a mission to change the game in no alcohol beer by bringing better choices to a wider audience. So, in time for the summer season we're collaborating with Nirvana to bring you all their favourites so you can explore the heady aromas, classic beer styles and intriguing flavour combinations.

Savour every mouthful and live every moment.

Join the journey to Nirvana.

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