Dry January

Enjoy your Dry January with Dry Drinker

Taking up the Dry January challenge?
You might want to stop drinking alcohol for a while to:
  • improve your health and fitness
  • raise money for charity
  • just because you like a challenge!
Have no fear, Dry Drinker is here to help.

Alcohol-free reward

Giving up alcohol doesn’t mean condemning yourself to soft drinks, water or fruit juice. Your willpower is already hard at work, so don’t stretch it further by limiting yourself to bland drinks.
Reward yourself up with a refreshing gluten-free Krombacher Pils, or a robust Paulaner wheat beer, and stay part of the celebration with Bees Knees or another sparkling wine.

Huge choice

Dry Drinker offers the UK’s largest range of alcohol-free beers. If you’ve been disappointed by limited supermarket or pub options, we’ll have something for you.

Mixed case adventure

Explore the options. Why not have an alcohol-free tasting adventure with the Dry Drinker mixed case? 12 or 24 hand-picked bottles and no two the same.
As these reviews show, the UK’s most trusted alcohol free store Dry Drinker is in your corner!
Trusted Shops review
'Trying a dry September, so selected some of my favourite wheat beers and pils and was really surprised at the quality. Will continue to drink them alongside the alcohol laden ones once the break is over.' (September 2017)
'Excellent service. Kept us going through our 12 week get-healthy stupid idea.' (September 2017)
'Great selection – making not drinking way more fun' (September 2017)
'Helpful chat on the phone to agree a newbie starter pack. Delivered two days later. Very pleased."
(August 2017)
'Having decided to cut out alcohol from my life I still wanted the taste of the beers I enjoyed without the downsides... hallelujah Dry Drinker. I didn't realise there was such a vast array of non-alcoholic beers to choose from, they have it all. The service has been great and the mixed cases a real treat. I would highly recommend Dry Drinker. You won't look back.' (July 2017)

Find support and inspiration at Alcohol Concern Dry January - Sign up, Save Money, Feel Great

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