Dry January: something you can control

Dry January: something you can control

If 2020 felt like groundhog day, Dry January is your chance to start 2021 doing something different, for yourself.

Dry Drinker is super proud to be an online partner of the UK's one-month alcohol free challenge, run by Alcohol Change UK.

This year is different, let's be up front. A good place to start is Tips on how to do Dry January during COVID-19

Quick wins

Of course, we know the delights of alcohol free drinking for its own sake - that's our bread and butter. But here are a few more benefits of trying Dry January:

Brighter skin

Calmer mind

More motivation

No hangovers!

Surveys of former participants show:

86% save money

70% have better sleep

66% have more energy

Get your fun back. Get your energy back. Get your calm back. Get your YOU back.

Alcohol Change UK

Long-term benefits

And of course, there can be significant long-term health benefits from reducing how much you drink. Test what you know about alcohol and your body

These health benefits can be physical and mental.

Try Dry app

Download the Try Dry app to your Apple or Android smartphone and you could DOUBLE your chances of completing Dry January (if you use it, obviously!). Download the Try Dry app

We'd love to know how you're getting on.

We're here to help

Dry Drinker has got something for everyone in Dry January, February, March...

This year, we’re sticking close to home by supporting amazing British brewing talent. You'll be amazed at the range of beers, ciders and non alcoholic spirits being made in the UK, often by small independent businesses.

We only sell what we love to drink ourselves, so if you need help deciding what to try, please email hello@drydrinker.com

And we'd love to hear your Dry January success stories!

36 different craft beers

If you're a fan of craft beer, our Great British Beer Box could see you sorted for Dry January. Explore 36 different craft beers, all made by British brewers, from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales to Suffolk, and with London in between. There's everything from stout to lager, and pale ale to IPAs.

Great British Beer Box

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