Shaking Things Up: Welcomes Jeremy Hill to Stir Future Success!

Shaking Things Up: Welcomes Jeremy Hill to Stir Future Success!

Hey there, Dry Drinkers!

Big news is brewing at the UK’s top No & Low Alcohol specialists — and we’re not just talking about the latest non-alcoholic craft beer to hit our shelves. We’re fizzing with excitement to announce the latest addition to our family: Jeremy Hill, our new Non-Executive Director!

🍹 Mixing Experience with Innovation

Picture this: over two decades of transforming drinks businesses from humble start-ups to profitable powerhouses. Now imagine that expertise poured into every decision at That's what Jeremy brings to the table! He's the secret ingredient in our cocktail of success, ready to blend his industry know-how with our innovative spirit.

🚀 Ready for Lift-Off: Our Ambitious Plans for 2024

With Jeremy on board, we’re strapping in for an epic journey to even loftier heights. We’re talking about major growth that’ll see us expanding faster than a shaken soda bottle (don’t worry, we’ll keep the lid on tight!). Get ready for more choices, more flavours, and more of the alcohol-free goodness you love.

✨ Join the Party

But it’s not just about us growing; it’s about bringing you along for the ride. Your thirst for the finest no & low alcohol options fuels our mission. Whether you're toasting to health, driving the party bus, or just love the taste without the tipsy, we're here to serve you the best sips in town.

🎉 Cheers to the Future!

We raise our glasses (filled with the latest alcohol-free bubbly, of course) to Jeremy, to you, our DryDrinker community, and to the bright future ahead. Let’s make it a journey to remember, with every clink of the glass and every sip of our top-notch tipples.

So, stay tuned, stay thirsty, and let’s celebrate the joy of no & low alcohol drinking together. Because at, we believe every day is worth a toast — no alcohol required!

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