It’s our pleasure to introduce to you, Small Beer

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you, Small Beer


It’s our pleasure to introduce to you, Small Beer.

Thanks to the The Dry Drinker team, we’re here to tell you a little more about what we do…..   

At the Small Beer Brewery in Bermondsey, SE London, we specialise in brewing classic beer styles below 2.8% ABV.

Our beer answers to the everyday extremes of ‘drinking’ and ‘not drinking’, allowing you to enjoy world class taste that’s full of flavour yet doesn’t slow you down.  

Through constant innovation of production and use of only the finest ingredients, we focus on flavour maximisation over alcohol creation.

Everything we do is with our world in mind, from cutting down the amount of water we use, to running our brewery on wind, water and solar.

So for those of you who live for the week and don’t want what's in your fridge to cost you your tomorrow…... make Small Beer your midweek essential.

Dark - 1% abv. Smooth chocolate & coffee. A stout aroma with a lager finish.
Steam - 2.7% abv. Dried fruit, biscuit & spice. A fusion of an amber.
Session - 2.5% abv. Juicy, tropical & citrus. A Flavour-packed seasonable pale ale.
Lager -  2.1% abv. Clean, crisp, floral. Long lagered for a
minimum of 6 weeks

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