St Peter's Without® & Without® Organic & Without® Gold

Exclusive: new St Peter’s Without® Organic is a delicious golden alcohol free craft beer brewed using organic malt and hops. 
Alcohol free St Peter’s Without® and Without® Gold are delicious and different free craft ales.
All three are brewed with skill and patience at St Peter’s, one of Britain’s finest small craft breweries.

St Peter’s Without® & Without® Organic

St Peter’s Without® and Without® Organic are superb full-bodied alcohol free craft ales.

Tasting note

Think slightly sweet malt loaf and a delicate citrus bitterness. Uniquely full-bodied lasting finish.

Food pairing

Works with hearty foods. Smoked sausage and a crumbly cheshire. And a proper pud. And of course, they are great to enjoy on their own.

St Peter’s Without® Gold

It took almost a year to perfect the recipe for Without® Gold, the delicious new zero alcohol golden craft beer from St Peter’s Brewery. It appeals to ale drinkers who love a good, full-bodied golden ale, and lager drinkers looking for a delicious alcohol free beer.

Tasting note

Slightly sweet malt flavour combined with a citrus bitterness. And very moreish.

Food pairing

Great with a burger, topped with English cheddar cheese. But this is great to drink with anything, or on its own.


Without®, Without® Organic and Without® Gold have fewer calories than an alcoholic craft ale.

Suffolk-based micro-brewery

Traditional agricultural buildings are home to St Peter’s Brewery, all in the grounds of a beautiful and remote moated 13th century manor house in Suffolk. It has led the way in the resurgence of craft breweries in the UK since its launch in 1995.

Pure water

St Peter’s alcohol free range begins its life deep below the ground, with pure water drawn from a borehole.

Alcohol free brewing brilliance

It took time and a many false steps to devise the special production process used to make the Without® range. It involves tweaked fermentation and the stripping out of residual alcohol, which doesn't affect the distinctive taste.
The only problem is which one to choose… so why not try all three from Dry Drinker, the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free stockist.

Trusted Shops review

‘Treating myself to a bottle or two of the new Gold Ale from St Peters. Excellent. Being a repeat customer I can't thank Dry Drinker enough for the quality of the beers, but also the best customer service experience a customer will experience.’ (July 2017)
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