Stop Father's Day gift panic with Dry Drinker

Father’s Day is Sunday 17 June

Father’s Day: it’ll be here before you know it!
So, what’s your gift for Dad going to be? Comedy slippers, ‘man’ apron, retro beard kit or ‘I love ewe Dad’ woolly socks?
Ok, it’s tricky. Dads (men in general) can be hard to buy for. They know what they want, and they want to buy it for themselves.
Booze is pushed as a default Father’s Day gift option. (Think cards with frothing tankards of beer, along with the golf clubs, cars and football.) ‘That’ll do’ you think. ‘Whatever he thinks of it, he’ll drink it …’

Alcohol not an option

Well, the real ale collection, Port in a wooden box, or whiskey miniatures collection might be off the list for your dad. There’s loads of reasons why he’s a Dry Drinker, or wants to be:
  • Perhaps alcohol doesn’t fit with medication he’s currently taking, or it makes his health condition feel worse.
  • Maybe (like Dry Drinker boss Stuart) he doesn’t want to be ‘fat and 40’ and has cut out alcohol to lose weight.
  • Or he’s being super self-disciplined training for an event - and deserves a treat
  • He might want to be alcohol free, because he doesn’t enjoy how it makes him feel. He could be a bit fed up with boozy gifts. Just doesn’t get round to saying it.

Exclusive gift case

You could send Dad some alcohol free drinking pleasure with the Dry Drinker Father’s Day Gift Case, for £17.99.
He gets:
  • 6 cans of Innis and None, a delicious citrus pale ale from Scottish brewers Innis & Gunn. Big hop bitterness, balanced with a touch of sweetness and the added goodness of ginseng and vitamin C.
  • 6 bottles of St Peter’s Without Gold, a golden craft beer from St Peter’s Brewery. It appeals to keen ale drinkers who love a good, full-bodied golden ale and lager drinkers looking for a delicious alcohol free beer.
All delivered to his home in a nice, sturdy box.

Your message to Dad

And you can also write a message to your Dad when you order. This will be printed and placed in his beer box. (Optional. With Father’s Day Gift Case only).

Gift certificates

And why not consider Dry Drinker Gift Certificates, starting at £25.
Let your Dad choose the non alcoholic treat they want from the huge Dry Drinker range of alcohol-free beers – the UK’s largest – and ciders, wine and spirits.
They don't have to spend the Gift Certificate all at once.

Thanks Dad

A grandad or a new dad, the Dad you're buying for deserves a thoughtful thank you – and he deserves alcohol free drinks that offer grown-up tastes, made with the same care, skill and ingredients as alcoholic beers, wines and spirits.
I’m sure you can find a Father’s Day themed bottle opener somewhere …
unsplash-logo Photo by Annie Spratt
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