Toast to Royalty: Quick and Easy Coronation Drinks Recipes

Toast to Royalty: Quick and Easy Coronation Drinks Recipes

As the coronation weekend approaches, it's time to celebrate with style and indulge in regal libations that capture the essence of the occasion. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail or a refreshing mocktail, these recipes will add a touch of majesty to your celebrations. Get ready to raise your glass and toast to royalty with these exquisite coronation-inspired beverages.

Royal Flush Drink

Royal Flush Drink: Enhanced with the addition of fruity peach schnapps, this intriguing concoction offers a unique and sophisticated way to enjoy your whisky. Prepare to indulge in a drink that strikes the perfect balance, providing a captivating taste without being overly sweet. It's a sophisticated drink that exudes luxury and celebrates the regal atmosphere of the coronation weekend.

The late Queen Mother was also partial to a Gin and It, the ¿It¿ being a sweet Italian vermouth

God save the Gimlet: Gin has always held a special place in the hearts of the Royal Family. Among the late Queen's cherished cocktail choices was a delightful blend of Dubonnet and gin. Discover the regal allure of these beloved gin cocktails, as you raise your glass and pay homage to the Royal Family's discerning taste.

Originally a French drink of champagne and creme de cassis, this recipe uses English sparkling wine from Camel Valley in Cornwall

Kir Royale: Indulge in the sheer elegance and effortless sophistication of this remarkable cocktail that effortlessly captures the essence of a celebration. Raise your glass and immerse yourself in the symphony of flavours, as this cocktail takes you on a delightful journey of pure delight and blissful revelry.

As the coronation weekend approaches, these quick and easy coronation drinks recipes are here to elevate your celebrations. Whether you prefer a cocktail or a mocktail, these recipes offer a variety of flavours and options to suit every palate. Let these regal beverages add a touch of grandeur and make your coronation weekend truly memorable. Raise your glass, toast to royalty, and savour the flavours of these exquisite coronation-inspired drinks.

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