Best No Alcohol Wines without the side effects of alcohol

Best No Alcohol Wines without the side effects of alcohol

As with most No and Low Alcohol drinks, you never know what to expect especially when ordering from an online retailer. So that's why at Dry Drinker we promise great tasting drinks that go through a tasting process performed by our founder himself.

Dry drinker is the UK's leading online No and Low Alcohol retailer, and we are proud to stock a large selection of the best non-alcoholic wines from around the world. Most of our wines are organic and vegan-friendly, and they are either low in or completely free from alcohol. This means that you can enjoy all the flavour and complexity of a great wine, without any of the side effects of alcohol.

When it comes to their alcohol-free counterparts, red wines can be hit or miss, but one of the best options available is Oddbird's Domaine de la Prade Organic Merlot/Shiraz. As featured in the Evening Standard, Oddbird Merlot-Shiraz is created in collaboration with Southern French approved vineyards.

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Oddbird Domaine De La Prade Organic Merlot-Shiraz 0.0% ABV £12.99


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