Why Have “The Dry Drinker Cheers Awards”?

As we have expanded our range of beers and lagers of 0.5% ABV and less, we have developed a unique portfolio of products for our customers. Our pick your own mixed cases allow you to choose and sample from this range, and of course our pre-picked recommendations are always there to help.
Some beers are produced by major European and UK Brewers and some by smaller independent businesses, who are excited to be making and promoting low and zero alcohol products and who are making a genuine impact on society.
All the alcohol free drinks we sell are produced with the same high level of care and skill as their alcoholic cousins, but are so often looked at as an afterthought in awards ceremonies. Here at Dry Drinker, we felt it was time to champion these products and shout from the rooftops about how good some of them can be. What better way then to get an independent panel of brewing and industry professionals to judge the widest range possible to give you some guidance and to celebrate this remarkable market.


So why Cheers Awards?

When we get together for a drink, whether non-alcoholic or not, we traditionally toast each other with a “Cheers!” We are effectively wishing each other “Good Health” - as the French do with their “Santé!” and the Germans with their “Prost!” By taking the alcohol-free option, we make a step towards a healthier option, with reduced calories and none of the alcoholic toxins. So what better way to celebrate a convivial drink with friends, than choosing from our range of proven winners! 
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
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