Zestarita (0.5% ABV)

Zestarita (0.5% ABV)

Try something zesty with this mocktail with a twist of grapefruit

50ml Caleño Light & Zesty
1/2 Fresh grapefruit, squeezed
1 Fresh lime, juiced
1 tsp Agave nectar

To Garnish
1 tbsp Muscovado sugar, 1 tbsp Sea salt & a Grapefruit slice

Step 1
In a shaker full of ice, add Caleño Light & Zesty, grapefruit juice, lime juice and agave nectar and shake for 30 seconds.
Step 2
On a plate or wide bowl add the muscovado sugar and sea salt and mix together.
Step 3
Take your serving glass and run a grapefruit slice around the rim then roll it in the sweet and salty mixture.
Step 4
Fill your glass with ice and strain in your cocktail, add a grapefruit wheel to garnish and serve.


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