Celtic Marches – How low can you go?

As the free from movement seems to have firmly embedded itself into the mainstream drinks industry, Dry Drinker finds out about the producer of Holly GoLightly 0.5% Low Alcohol Cider. You might be forgiven for not immediately recognising the brand name as it would seem that Celtic Marches had been one of Herefordshire’s best kept secrets. Nestled in a quiet corner of Herefordshire, a county renowned for its cider production, this single-estate apple cider producer[…]Read More

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The Dry Drinker Awards 2018

Dry Drinker Ltd is proud to announce that it will be running, what we believe is, the first ever beer judging in the UK solely for drinks with an ABV of 0.5% or lower. This innovatory event is taking place on 29th November 2018. We now stock over 100 different beers and lagers and we are often asked for recommendations. To help, we have selected our best-selling customer favourites and some of our new to[…]Read More

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Go Sober for October bottle top logo Dry Drinker

Use Dry Drinker’s sidekicks to Go Sober for October

Sign up to Go Sober for October   You want to Go Sober this October and help Macmillan make a real difference to the lives of people facing cancer. And maybe you’re visiting Dry Drinker to get help with this awesome adventure? You want to be a Soberhero but the thought of 31 days of #herbal tea #sparkling water #fruit juice seems a bit …. scary? Well, Dry Drinker has loads of alcohol free sidekicks[…]Read More

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Double award win for Duchess Alcohol Free Gin and Tonic

Dry Drinker is delighted for The Duchess Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic. This elegant alternative to alcohol has won two coveted awards at the Oscars of the soft drinks industry.  It was named Best Adult Drink and Best New Drink Concept at the Zenith Innobev Awards*, beating strong international competition. Like Dry Drinker, the judges must have loved the tonic carefully infused with botanical extracts – orange peel, all spice, star anise, clove, cardamom –[…]Read More

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Dry Drinker Dry January Blog 3 things I learnt from Dry January

3 things I learnt from a dry January

    Thinking about doing Dry January 2019? Maybe I can help you decide. I ‘did’ Dry January 2018 and drank a lot less booze this year as a result. Averaged out, my drinking days went from 4 times a week to 1 or 2. So, I spent about £500 less on drinking at home. (That’s haircuts for the year paid for, or maybe a trip away). Dry January is the UK’s one-month booze-free challenge.[…]Read More

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Dry Drinker gets the story behind Outfox - Jess Hook of Outfox drinks taking part in the Marathon de Sables

Dry Drinker gets the story behind Outfox

Dry Drinker’s Stuart Elkington meets Jess Hook, the woman behind stunning alcohol free Outfox wines. Can you tell us your story? I’ve always been interested in the drinks market, especially wine. I love the social element of drinking plus all the rituals – pouring a glass of wine after a long day at work, sharing a bottle, having a glass while cooking – but quite often I don’t want the alcohol. This started my journey[…]Read More

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Stop Father’s Day gift panic with Dry Drinker

Father’s Day is Sunday 17 June Father’s Day: it’ll be here before you know it! So, what’s your gift for Dad going to be? Comedy slippers, ‘man’ apron, retro beard kit or ‘I love ewe Dad’ woolly socks? Ok, it’s tricky. Dads (men in general) can be hard to buy for. They know what they want, and they want to buy it for themselves. Booze is pushed as a default Father’s Day gift option. (Think[…]Read More

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Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Wine Taster Packs

Tempted to try a collection of alcohol free sparkling wines and low alcohol wines? Stocking up for a special occasion or looking for a baby shower gift? Choose from a trio of sparkling rosés, a red, white and rosé wine mix, Prosecco, and our Premium sparkling white collection. You certainly don’t need alcohol to find fizz that bubbles with taste and sophistication.  Be it Prosecco, brut, blanc or rosé, it’s all about drinking pleasure when[…]Read More

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