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Alcohol Free Krombacher

Krombacher Alcohol Free Beer is a natural thirst quencher, as both a Pilsner and a Wheat beer.

And Dry Drinker loves these 0.0% ABV German beers, which are the ideal alternative to sweet soft drinks for anyone going alcohol free.

Also, since they’re isotonic, they’re great to enjoy immediately after a gym visit.

Krombacher Pilsner Gluten Free 0.0%

Welcome to a convincing full-bodied and lightly malted taste experience.

Krombacher Weizen Wheat Beer 0.0% 

Get the fruity flavour of a German wheat beer and masses of refreshment.

Gluten free

Krombacher 0.0% Pils is gluten free and a safe beer for people with coeliac disease to enjoy. Finally!
(See Coeliac UK for details on gluten free labelling)

Krombacher Alcohol Free Beer Calories

A 330ml bottle of Krombacher alcohol free beer contains an average of 89 calories, whereas a bottle of regular Pils weighs in with almost twice as many.

Alongside great taste, Krombacher offers folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 – which are retained by the special brewing process. And significantly, there’s no fat!

Taster packs

Not surprisingly, Krombacher alcohol free beer adds to the mix in Dry Drinker Mixed Beer cases. For instance:

Exclusive Zerohero® 0.0% Mixed Beer Case – 12/24 x mixed sizes

Start your Sober revolution today with these four great-tasting non alcoholic beers. Light, fresh and great with anything, these have literally no alcohol content but offer 100% taste. Enjoy both Krombacher alcohol free beers alongside the Spanish beers Ambar (0.0% ABV) and Moritz (0.0% ABV).

Little Brew 3  – Ale / Wheat beer / Lager – 12/24 x 330ml

In this perfect mix, Krombacher Weizen sits beside full-bodied ale St Peters Without® (0.05% ABV), flavoursome lager Bernard Free (0.5% ABV) and Portuguese classic Cheers Branca. Best served ice cold, straight from the bottle!

Little Brew Mixed Pilsners – 12/24 x 330ml

Then again, you could compare your gluten free Krombacher Pils with three other great Pilsners, all with just 0.5% ABV. For instance, world-renowned German beers Bitburger Drive and Veltins and light-bodied Sagres, which is brewed in Portugal.

Krombacher brewery

They know how to make beer at the Krombacher Brewery. After all, they’ve been doing it since 1803! (Check out the great timeline)

And they never compromise on taste – indeed, it’s their one and only benchmark in the production of their beers. So, you can be sure a lot of thought and skill went into the creation of their alcohol free beers.

Mountain spring water

Krombacher alcohol free beers are brewed in the same way as the alcoholic versions – the same fresh Felsquellwasser® (mountain spring water) and malt content. Then comes a specially developed process of de-alcoholisation which enables the beer to retain its unique aroma. Hmm…

Ready to try some Krombacher alcohol free beer? Buy online now from your most trusted stockist, Dry Drinker!

Rothaus Low Alcohol Beer

Rothaus alcohol-free beers are truly remarkable, and unlike most alcohol-free beers which are filtered, they’re brewed to leave a real beer. At a temperature of 40°C, the alcohol is removed, allowing the fine hop aroma to remain.


History of Rothaus Low Alcohol Beer

Founded by Benedictine Monks in 1791 at the ‘Inn of the Red House’, and surrounded by 5,000 square miles of the Black Forest is the Badische Staatsbrauerei. One of only two state owned breweries, and home of Rothaus Beer.

The brewery has survived two fires, one revolution and two World Wars! It’s now owned and operated by the State of Baden-Württemberg, who take great pride in their philosophy of producing exceptional beer with the best ingredients available, without comprising in the slightest on quality.

Considered one of Germany’s finest beers, Rothaus is appreciated by an ever increasing number of connoisseurs around the world. In an age of high output mass production, Rothaus maintains tradition in the art of brewing, whilst utilising the latest technology to produce beers of outstanding purity and quality.

Rothaus Low Alcohol Beer is made from pure mountain spring water, organic malt, hops and yeast. Unpasteurised and matured in deep granite caverns the end result is a beer that is clean, crisp and incredibly good!

The beers are also imbued with a very high hop content, so a full, rounded taste is achieved.

More info please visit www.blackforestbeers.co.uk

Dry Drinker tip: Best served ice-cold, straight from the bottle!

*EXCLUSIVE TO DRY DRINKER: Free Rothaus Glass with every order of Rothaus Pilsner and Rothaus Wheat Beer.

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