Drydrinker’s 24 Mega Box 330ml


Get the party started and keep it going with the Mega Box, an ace case of 24 alcohol free beers.

With plenty of choice, it’s perfect for a work or family get-together when people have to drive home. Or a great way to stock up the fridge – job done!

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And you’ll get 3 each of:

  • Super Bock Low Alcohol Pilsner 330 ml
  • Super Bock Low Alcohol Stout 330 ml
  • Veltins Alcohol Free Pilsner 330 ml
  • Budvar Lager 0.4% 330 ml
  • Cheers Preta 330 ml
  • Clausthaler Unfiltered Alcohol Free
  • Sagres Lager 0.5% 330 ml
  • Monteball 0% 330 ml

Why not offer non alcoholic choices, and have a treat in store for the designated driver?

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