Alcohol Free Wine Six Pack – 6 x 750ml


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Our new Alcohol Free Wine Six Pack offers you generous warming reds, dry and zesty whites, and fresh and fruity rosés.

This half-dozen of delights includes a 750ml bottle of each of these Dry Drinker favourites:

Together, they offer a great selection of carefully chosen alcohol free wines for you to enjoy.

Steak night?

Enjoy the Pierre Zéro Merlot Alcohol Free Red Wine. Made with Merlot grapes and barrel matured. Generous aromas of red fruits, spices and vanilla reveal a beautiful complexity and a subtle elegance.

‘Excellent, one of the best I’ve tried’

Or Morouj Merlot Alcohol Free Wine. Blackcurrants bounce out of the Merlot grapes that make this soft and warming alcohol free red. And the grapes have been given time to ripen in oak barrels. Semi-dry and delicious.

‘Lovely wine’

Seafood special?

Chill the Morouj Chardonnay Alcohol Free Wine. A beautiful balance of sweet and sour. Well rounded, with a dry texture and balanced flavour.

‘Wonderful, lovely balanced wine’

or Vintense Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free Wine.  Subtle aromas of citrus zest and exotic fruits, balanced with mango and grapefruit notes on the palate.

Start the celebration?

Share Vintense Syrah Rosé Alcohol Free Wine. Be seduced by the seductive freshness and red fruit notes. Or Pierre Zéro Alcohol Free Rosé Wine, a delight to the palate that makes you dream of sunny days. Beautiful pink colour and a fresh, lively taste.

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