Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Low Alcohol Ale 0.5% – 8/16/24 x 355ml


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(6849) 3.29/5.00
Vegan Friendly
Vegan Friendly
Gluten Free
Gluten Free

Upside Dawn Tasting notes

Clean, balanced, refreshing. Light-bodied. Subtle aromas with floral and earthy notes.

It’s got an ABV of less than 0.5% and only 50 calories.


Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Non Alcoholic Golden Ale is a clean and refreshing craft brew from the USA.

(You know Dry Drinker travels far and wide to find you the best alcohol free beers).

Organic grains

Upside Dawn is made with organic grains, and crafted to remove gluten. (It is lab tested to under 5 parts per million.)

The malts are premium, organic and from the USA and Germany, while the hops are combo of traditional English and American.

Award winner

And Upside Dawn is an award winner, beating alcoholic craft offerings to win the Silver Medal at the New York International Beer Competition.

Athletic Brewing

As their name suggests, the folk at Athletic Brewing want you to enjoy great beer and be healthy, active, and at your best

You can enjoy the benefits of pure, all-natural ingredients brewed in small batches at their state-of-the-art brewery in Connecticut, USA.

Turn yourself Upside Dawn and order from Dry Drinker, the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free store.

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