Baltika Low Alcohol Premium 0.5% Beer 6/12 x 470ml



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Baltika Alcohol Free Premium Beer 0.5% ABV is a classic beer that welcomes you with a mild taste and a gorgeous malt aroma.

It is brewed by Russia’s most successful brewery, in the historic city of St Petersburg, which is also the birthplace of Russia’s most celebrated bear wrestling president, Vladimir Putin.

Tasting notes

It has a mild taste with a gorgeous malt aroma. Taste malt, sweet and grain, slightly acid. Light body. Nostrovia!

Food pairing

Ideal with Russian bar snacks such as pickled cucumber, marinated herring, caviar, or the St Petersburg ‘Oliver’ salad, made of potato with mayo, wurst and peas. Even though they sound tempting, you could stick to a British pork pie, with a tasty chutney.

Baltika Breweries facts

  • With headquarters in St Petersburg, Baltika Breweries is considered the pride of Russia when it comes to beer production. It’s the second largest brewing company in Europe and the leader of the Russian beer market since 1996.
  • In fact, it’s got a different story to traditional family brewers, because it began life as a state enterprise. Danish brewing company Carlsberg is now the owner.
  • You can take a tour of these breweries, which have state-of-the-art equipment and use only the best raw materials to brew their beers.
  • Brewing of Baltika Alcohol Free Premium began in 2001.

Baltika Alcohol Free Premium Beer Ingredients

Like all of Dry Drinker’s great alcohol free beers,  Baltika Alcohol Free Premium has got a few, simple ingredients. Namely, purified drinking water, pale barley malt, malt extract, malting barley, hop products. Perfect if you’re due to be wrestling large furry mammals with big teeth.

Mixed case

Make your comrades proud and ask for Baltika Alcohol Free Beer to be included in a Dry Drinker Mixed Case. With 12 or 24 bottles chosen with care by Stuart and the Dry Drinker team, this is perfect for parties.


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