Big Drop Ultimate Collection Low Alcohol Beer 8/16/24 x 330ml


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The Big Drop Craft Beer Collection –  8 beers from one of the UK’s most innovative and award-winning microbrewers in one mixed collection.

They’ve all got massive flavour. From chocolate to citrus herbs and a classic lager The Big Drop Craft Beer Collection contains

Brewing brilliance

Big Drop don’t remove the alcohol. Or halt fermentation. What they do is ‘out and out weird’, says brewer Johnny Clayton. (He’s renowned for his experiments).

So the Big Drop brewing process produces full-flavoured beers that stand up against full-strength contemporaries.

Award winning

Big Drop is at the forefront of low/no alcohol beer innovation. It has won beer competition awards and critical acclaim from seasoned beer writers and critics. (It was runner-up in the Drinks Category of the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2018.)

It’s in Melissa Cole’s Little Book of Craft Beer. And it’s drunk and enjoyed from Sweden to Japan.

The future looks bright for Big Drop.

It started with the stout

Big Drop founder Rob Fink began a brewery to create an alcohol free stout. On stopping drinking, he was unable to find his favourite style of beer minus the ABV. He found a brewery that would rent its equipment, met Johnny – former head brewer at Wild Beer Co – and Big Drop began.

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