Big Drop Uptime Craft Lager 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer 8/16/24 x 330ml


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Gluten Free
Gluten Free

Alcohol & gluten free Big Drop Uptime Lager won’t disappoint.

Uptime Tasting notes

A darker Lager, with a crisp, bready, biscuity maltiness, coupled with a delicate hop bittering with a brisk, spicy Noble hop aroma and flavour finish.

Drink it nice and chilled.

Meet the brewer: Rob Fink from the Big Drop Brewing Co.

Following the birth of his first child, founder of Big Drop, Rob Fink, decided he needed to hit the sauce on the head for a while. His job in the City of London meant that he was out a lot with clients and booze played a big part in that. It just wasn’t feasible to continue. So, he stopped drinking for a period of about 7 months. During that time he found a total lack of alcohol free stout – his favourite style of beer.

It started with Alcohol free Big Drop Chocolate Milk Stout

He started investigating this and asking questions of various brewers. Primarily, was it possible to brew an alcohol free stout? The answer that came back? ‘Yes, but no one will buy it.’ Rob decided to try anyway … not least because he wanted an alcohol free stout!

He eventually found a small brewery in Bermondsey which would rent out its equipment to allow him to do a few small runs to test the market. There was only one problem: he had no idea how to brew beer.

Fortune stepped in though and Rob was introduced to Johnny Clayton, former head brewer at Wild Beer Co. and a renowned experimental brewer.

It was agreed that Big Drop wouldn’t do anything to the beer to remove the alcohol (something which messes with the flavour). Equally, halted fermentation was ruled out. (This is another common method of getting low ABV, which stops the brew halfway through and leaves a flavour and aroma of unfinished beer.)

However, Johnny found a way, although he says other brewers would find the Big Drop methods ‘out and out weird’. However, as a result Big Drop runs a full brewing process from start to finish to produce a full-flavoured beer which stands up against many of its full-strength contemporaries.

Big Drop craft beer collection built

The first brews of the now legendary Chocolate Milk Stout began. After some serious experimentation and taste testing a recipe was settled on and the beer was unleashed. A pale ale and a lager swiftly followed to complete the core range. A seasonal fourth beer rotates and is currently a spiced winter ale.

Award winning

Big Drop is now recognised as being at the forefront of low/no alcohol beer innovation. It is the recipient of many beer competition awards and won critical acclaim from seasoned beer writers and critics. Most significantly, it has been immortalised in print in Melissa Cole’s Little Book of Craft Beer.

Sales have boomed as outlets everywhere realise the demand for full-flavoured alcohol free options. Exports to countries including Sweden, Japan and Poland have shown an international demand. The future looks bright for Big Drop.

The idea for a brewing business that only made alcohol-free beer was driven by their own lifestyle changes (eg fatherhood) and the frustration that there were no good alcohol-free beer options.

Along with renowned experimental brewer, Johnny Clayton (formerly of Wild Beer Co), they’ve perfected techniques to make alcohol-free craft beer without the need for artificial removal of alcohol. The result doesn’t compromise on taste and yet is no more than 0.5% ABV.

Big Drop doesn’t just use barley. It uses barley, rye, wheat and oats to give great flavour and aroma. And it doesn’t use just one type of each. Across its beers, it uses over 20 speciality grains. Its wide-range of beers includes Stout, Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Winter Ale and a Sour. So there really is something for everybody.

Exclusive Big Drop Craft Beer Collection

Alongside Big Drop’s Lager, enjoy Big Drop Chocolate Milk Stout, (0.5% ABV) Big Drop’s Spicy Ale  (0.5% ABV) and Big Drop’s Citrus Pale Ale (0.5% ABV)

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kcal) 11.8kcal
fat 0.4g
carbohydrate 1.4g
sugars 0.8g
protein 0.1g

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