Borrago #47 Paloma Blend Non-Alcoholic Spirit 500ml


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Borrago is a delicious non alcoholic spirit. It’s a grown-up drink with no alcohol, sugar, fat or calories.

It is full of natural botanical flavours and smells, built from the ground up to give a complex, dry and flavoursome non-alcoholic spirit. It is an awesome base for exciting and discerningly different non-alcoholic cocktails.

Tasting notes

Complex, layered and smooth, six botanicals give a dry, delicious flavour, a mouth-watering, moreish nose and a long smooth finish.

A non alcoholic spirit: how does that work?

You can use Borrago like gin or vodka as a base for cocktails. But it does not try to mimic them.

Try the signature serve:

  • pour over ice
  • top up with a quality tonic
  • garnish with lime and a sprig of mint.

How is Borrago made?

Six delicious botanicals (herbs and spices) are individually steam distilled and processed to keep their unique properties. These are blended and bottled to create a drink like no other.

It’s a secret process which has taken a long time to get right. Some of the ingredients are a secret too!

What does the name mean?

Borrago (pronounced boar-a-go) is named after the latin classification name for borage, a bright blue edible flower. Like the drink, this lovely flower is delicious, colourful, beautiful and multifaceted.

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