Exclusive: Braxzz Session IPA Low Alcohol 0.2% – 6/12 x 330ml




Braxzz Session IPA Low Alcohol is a full-bodied hoppy craft beer and only 0.2% ABV. There’s zero compromise on taste with this new ale.

Tasting notes

Light coloured and crispy, Braxzz Session IPA offers a full bodied hop profile, without being too bitter in aftertaste.

You can smell and taste fresh citrus flavours and exotic floral elements, with a remote herbal top note.

About session ales

Session ales go back to the days when workers were allowed to drink on the job during sessions, or breaks. This required a lighter beer than your everyday stout or porter.

About Braxzz

Braxzz is a Dutch craft brewery, founded by a Dutch and British team, which brews in Germany. And it includes one of the oldest brewing families in the world.

Additional information

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