Caleño Dark & Spicy non alcoholic spirit 0.5% 1 x 50cl

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Caleño Dark & Spicy non alcoholic spirit is a distilled golden and spicy blend. It’s packed with dark pineapple tropical notes, ginger and kola nut spices.

Tasting notes

A rich blend of pineapple, coconut, ginger, black cardamom, vanilla, kola nut and lime.


Pour 50ml of Dark & Spicy over ice, add a generous squeeze of lime and top with soda for a flavour fiesta!

Low calorie and zero sugar.

Caleño Dark & Spicy – Distilled with joy

The Caleño Dark and Spicy crew are a passionate bunch, so they spend time getting things just right, or ‘perfecto’ as they say in Colombia.

Their distillation process is a thing of joy. They hunt down the tastiest tropical ingredients and spices before distilling and blending unique flavours inside modern stainless-steel drums.

They distil for 48 hours, extracting zingy, zesty and spicy exotic flavours. By day two, everything smells incredible.

This joyful distillation is then left to mature for another two weeks before bottling.

Tropical free spirit

Caleño founder Ellie found herself frustrated by the lack of exciting alcohol free options as she danced to Latin funk with her friends. So, she set out to bring fun to ‘not drinking’.

Inspired by the vibrant and energetic culture of her Columbian heartland, she began experimenting with botanicals. The result is a tropical free spirit that captures the sunny South American lust for life.

Caleño was number 1 in the Mail on Sunday ‘5 of the Best No Alcohol Spirits’, 2018.




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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kcal) 45kcal
fat 0g
carbohydrate 10g
sugars 0g
protein 0g