Mixed Fruit Beer Case – 12 x 330ml/500ml


It’s time to get fruity with this fantastic mixed case of alcohol free delights. The Dry Drinker  Fruits collection offers raspberry, lemon, blood orange, elderberry and even some grapefruit.

Try fun fruit brews from UK champs Brewdog , alongside three German names who’ve been mixing fruit with beer for a long time.

Great choice for a party!

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And you’ll get:

  • Brewdog Low Alcohol Raspberry Blitz 0.5% 330 ml
  • Clausthaler Lemon Alcohol Free  0.5 % 330 ml
  • Franziskaner Blood Orange 0.5% 500 ml
  • Zelta Radler Raspberry Citrus  0.5% 500 ml
  • Früh Sport Fassbrause Alcohol Free 0.0% 330 ml
  • Baltika Grapefruit Wheat Beer  Alcohol Free Beer 0.0% 330 ml

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Weight 10 kg