Clausthaler Mixed Case Beer Collection – 12 x 330ml/500ml


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Clausthaler is a renowned producer of non-alcoholic beers using pioneering methods and state of the art technology.  They do not remove alcohol, but use a brewing process where hardly any alcohol is produced. Hops are added at an early stage in the brewing process to give a taste that is trophy winning. The aroma adds character and the outcome is non-alcoholic beers that have the measure of many alcoholic competitors.

After spending tens of years making Clausthaler Classic into the award winning truly exceptional non-alcoholic beer of today, the master brewers began to increase the variety of Clausthaler tastes, aiming to ensure that all palettes are satisfied.

Get a 12 bottle Case to enjoy:

  • 3 x Clausthaler Original Classic (0.5%) 500ml
  • 3 x Clausthaler Extra Herb (0.5%) 500ml
  • 3 x Clausthaler Unfiltered (0.5%) 330ml
  • 3 x Clausthaler Lemon (0.5%) 330ml

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