CleanRum & Cola 0.5% 12 x 250ml


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CleanRum & Cola 0.5% is the perfect serve for when you fancy a rum ‘n’ coke but also fancy drinking clean.

It achieves that golden hue and spiced flavour that all rum drinkers will be familiar with. It’s made using traditional Jamaican rum techniques, but with a unique low-alcohol recipe.

Tasting notes

Undertones of caramel and cayenne pepper, paired with premium cola for a classic cocktail combination.

CleanRum & Cola

57 calories per can

Vegan friendly

Gluten Free!

No added sugars or sweeteners

100% recyclable can




It’s clean drinking, on the go. Crack yours open whenever, and wherever the mood strikes.

Spencer Matthews CleanCo Buy online from Dry Drinker.

Made in Chelsea

Spencer Matthews found fame in Made in Chelsea, built on it with Celebrity MasterChef, The Bachelor and The Jump. Now he’s a married dad of two and the founder of CleanCo drinks.

Once a bit of a party animal, he decided to clean things up and calm things down – he wanted a sober head to get the very best out of family life.

‘Why clean?’ he says ‘I felt that describing what we offer as “Clean” was a more positive approach than the often negative connotation surrounding ‘no alcohol’. It makes more sense for people like me who drink less, or not at all as part of a cleaner lifestyle.’







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Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values 100ml
energy (kJ) 105kj
energy (kcal) 25kcal
carbohydrate 5.3g
sugars 4.6g