Drydrinker’s Cocktail Cornucopia Mixed case


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It’s a Cocktail Cornucopia! An abundance of good things non alcoholic. A plethora of marvellously mixed drinks.

Discover oodles of flavour and no less than a profusion of refreshment. Find fruitfulness in the citrus, orangewood, juniper, Green tea and spices. A deluge of distilled delights that are so much more than ‘soft drinks’. The horn of plenty would overflow.

Hmm, Dry Drinker has swallowed a dictionary. To put it plainly, get heaps, loads and lots of alcohol free cocktails to offer choice to your BBQ or party guests, or to stock up your fridge.

Six different drinks

Namely, 2 bottles each of:

Add ice and a slice, and enjoy!

Tasting notes

  • Rocktails Citrus Spritz – lemon zest meets juniper berries, with base notes of grapefruit peel and a fragrant infusion of lime, lavender and basil.
  • Rocktails Orangewood Spritz – subtle base notes of bittersweet orange peel Blood orange zest meet a hint of smokeyness.
  • Teetotal G’n’T Alcohol Free Gin and Tonic – the botanicals that flavour a good quality gin and tonic, without the alcohol. All natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, and an authentic gin and tonic taste.
  • Award-winning Duchess Gin and Tonic – re-distilled juniper berries blended with tonic infused with aromatic botanical extracts of orange peel, all spice, star anise, cloves, cardamom.
  • Twisst Rum and Cola is warm, spicy and remarkably like a dark rum and cola. It’s a real treat for rum fans who feel left out by the recent gin craze.
  • Elkington Gin Rhubarb is a cloudy fizz that cleverly combines distilled gin botanicals with the refreshing sour tang of rhubarb.

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