uNN Coconut Grove Juicy Pale Ale 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer 8/12 x 330ml


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Coconut Grove Tasting notes

Coconut Grove greets the eye with a rock solid, long lasting white head and a hazy, light golden body and it gives off a beautiful and inviting aroma of tropical fruits, mainly pineapple and lime

With more than 50% oats in the grain bill you’ll have a light, yet creamy & juicy mouthfeel – almost like a light, tropical milkshake, just without the vanilla.

There is hardly any bitterness noticeable if at all yet the overall sweetness is low.

Ludicrous amounts of Bru-1, Galaxy, Sabro, Vic Secret and Talus generate a tropical fruit bomb dominated by Pineapple, Coconut Water and a hint of Pink Grapefruit –  Pina Colada IPA anyone? Who wants an umbrella with it

This beer is even closer to a beer with alcohol, a Session NEIPA in this case, than our flagship ü.NN N/AIPA


Food pairing

India Pale Ales are the classic drink to have with a curry. Also, enjoy alongside a blue cheese such as Gorgonzola, and a spicy pudding like ginger cake.

Innovative craft brewery

Kehrwieder has been rate the Best Brewer of Hamburg for four years (RATEBEER BEST)

Significantly, Kehrwieder was the first German brewery to brew a non-alcoholic IPA — üNN (It was also the first to brew a dry hopped lager, Prototyp).

Every Hamburg citizen knows the legend of the sea travellers, who were greeted by their families with the greeting Kehrwieder. … which means ‘come back’ in English

Brewing explorer

Like the sailors before him, master craft brewer Olli Wesseloh spent time travelling the Americas before returning home to the old port city of Hamburg.

And he brought back treasures they had found abroad. Alongside new world beers, they revived long forgotten old beers styles.

Furthermore, Olli is always trying to rethink new and old beer styles and put a new twist to them.

Alcohol free craft IPA üNN

They talk beer, brew beer, sell beer, write beer. They truly live beer at Kehrwieder.

Thirsty work!  And yet if they quenched their thirst every time with one of their own award-winning alcoholic beers they would have not been very productive.

Special yeast

So they pondered whether non-alcoholic could go hand in hand with full flavour. The only question was how.

They finally found the answer in 2015, with a special yeast that can only ferment very few of the sugars available in a regular beer wort.

It starts fermenting like a regular yeast but runs out of food before it has produced 0.4% ABV.

After that the yeast is still alive and available for maturation.

Full brewing process

So, notably we can produce our non-alcoholic IPA üNN in exactly the same way as their other beers without any ‘technological tricks’.

It’s a full brewing process, dry-hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic, but only 0.4% ABV.

Over 100 different beers and over 40 international awards – the small, independent family brewery of the world champion sommelier for beer from Hamburg-Sinstorf has already got a lot going since it was founded in 2011.

Every Hamburger knows the legend of the sea travelers who were said goodbye by their families with the Kehrwieder greeting. We too went out into the world, brewed in the Caribbean, in South and finally in North America and finally returned to our home port to help bring the variety of beers back to Hamburg.

We signed the founding declaration in 2011, the following year we moved bag and baggage from Miami back to Hamburg and half a year later we brewed the first prototype.
Kehrwieder is one of the first generation of creative breweries in Germany and is a founding member of the German Creative Brewers Association.

We still brew our beers by hand in our self-built brewhouse in Hamburg Süd. Every malt sack is poured into the mill by hand, every steam valve is opened and closed by hand – nothing is automated here. We have held every single bottle that we fill at least seven times before it makes its way to you.

For this, Kehrwieder has already been awarded seven times as the best brewery in Hamburg and also seven times for the best beer from Hamburg by the users of the RateBeer rating portal. The readers of Falstaff have voted Kehrwieder twice as the most popular small brewery in Hamburg.

The Kehrwieder überNormalNull has already won the European Beer Star twice, the Kehrwieder prototype won the gold medal at the European Beer Star in 2021 and has already won platinum at the Meininger Craft Beer Award in the past and was also recognized as the best hop-aromatic lager. The Kehrwieder Road Runner was also awarded platinum and best non-alcoholic beer (top-fermented) at the Meininger Craft Beer Awards.

Kehrwieder is a training company, environmental partner of the city of Hamburg, obtains 100% of its electricity from Green Planet Energy, Kehrwieder positions itself with its “No beer for Nazis campaign” against any kind of exclusion and racism and supports social and societal commitment.

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kcal) 32kcal
fat 0g
carbohydrate 6.8g
sugars 3.4g
protein 0.5g