Days Lager Alcohol Free- 0.0% 8/16/24 x 330ml


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Alcohol Free
0.0% ABV

Discover Days Lager, a clean, crisp and sessionable lager which is lightly malted with well-balanced floral and citrus notes. It’s brewed using Hallertau Hops and has 73 calories per 330ml of beer.

100% Beer, 0% Alcohol
Days wanted beer without alcohol. Anything other than 0.0% abv felt like a compromise. After a year of testing they landed on a unique process that’s specifically designed to never produce alcohol.

It allows them to protect the flavour and integrity of their premium ingredients without needing to use harsh de-alcoholisation treatments. All of Days beers are 0.0% and they pride themselves in offering a really clear option to anyone choosing to cut back on alcohol.

Days is an award winning alcohol free beer brand brewed for those who love great beer and living a healthier lifestyle. Using locally sourced natural ingredients and a unique alcohol free brewing process

Days have created a range of crisp, fresh and sessionable beers that are 0.0% abv. “As a brand we celebrate the positive lifestyle reasons for drinking less alcohol and as one of the few B-Corp certified beer businesses in the UK we commit 2% of all sales to mental health organisations.

“We meticulously craft our beers to take away the compromise – great taste, great flavour, zero side effects.” – Mike Gammell, Days Co-Founder

Beer for Doing:
Beer is the world’s oldest social network and brings people together better than anything else. However, Days felt that beer was losing its relevance and wanted to create something fit for modern mindsets, that offers all those ‘beer moments’ without the side effects.

It’s brewed to pair with you and your lifestyle. That’s why they call it Beer for Doing. B-Corp Certified Right from the offset Days knew they wanted to become a B-Corp certified company and in November 2021 they did just that. To become a B-Corp you’re checked, checked, and checked again to ensure that your business is meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

Days are proud to be part of a thriving group of brands from all around the world who believe, as they do that, that business should be about more than just profit.

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