DC Rosé Wine 0.5% Low Alcohol Wine (BIN-END)


Earn up to 29 points.


DC Rosé non alcoholic wine is a luscious salmon pink and packed with the taste of ripe strawberry and sweet candyfloss.

It’s one of an exciting new range from Darling Cellars vineyards on the cool west coast of South Africa. Vines are grown on the bush, rather than the trellis. This rosé is 98% Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 2% Grenache.

Tasting Notes

Elegant fruit flavours. A light salmon pink colour leads to strawberry and sweet candyfloss on those nose, and a lingering finish. Ideal to enjoy with roast chicken (or turkey)

Gluten free.

Vegan friendly.

Low calorie, with about 35 calories in a large glass.


How they make DC Rosé

First, vinification. It’s crush and destalk, then 18 days fermentation at 14 °C. Next, with fruitiness locked in, comes maturation. Left on the lees for 2 months to add complexity. Then it’s de-alcoholised. A gentle spun cone technology and low temperatures preserve the body, colour and flavour.  All the drinking pleasure, none of the alcohol.

(Sale due to short BB & Bin End of end of May 2022)

Weight 1 kg
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Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values 100ml
energy (kJ) 60kj
fat 0.10g
carbohydrate 3.53g
sugars 3.53g
protein 0.10g