Dry January ZeroHero® Big Bundle Pack


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Enjoy your Dry January challenge with Dry Drinker’s ZeroHero® Big Bundle Pack

A lack of alcohol shouldn’t mean a lack of taste, so if you are trying Dry January, we have selected a case of our favourites for you.

Every bottle contains 0% alcohol but is packed with flavour. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to find you extending your Dry January into Dry February or beyond given the variety on offer…

A mixture of 24 superb 0% beers and lagers from the UK and continent, with 3 bottles of each of the following:

Alcohol-free reward

Giving up alcohol doesn’t mean condemning yourself to soft drinks, water or fruit juice. Your willpower is already hard at work, so don’t stretch it further by limiting yourself to bland drinks. Consider these 8 delicious alcohol free beers:

Estrella Galicia Lager 0.0

Estrella Galicia Lager 0.0% boasts the golden colour of a typical Pilsner style beer. It has a subtle aroma with floral hoppy notes and a pleasantly sweet flavour that is slightly bitter.

Free Damm Lager 0.0%

A true Mediterranean lager beer. Light and crisp with a balanced bitterness and a lemon note. Lots of taste and hard to tell apart from its alcoholic counterpart.

Heineken 0.0 Lager

Heineken 0.0 Lager 0.0% is a balanced thirst quencher with refreshing fruity notes and a soft malty body.

Exclusive: Krombacher 0.0% Gluten Free Pils Krombacher Weizen Wheat Beer 0.0%

Krombacher Alcohol Free Beer is a natural thirst quencher, as both a Pilsner and a Wheat beer. And Dry Drinker loves these 0.0% ABV German beers, which are the ideal alternative to sweet soft drinks for anyone going alcohol free. Also, since they’re isotonic, they’re great to enjoy immediately after a gym visit.

Leeds Brewery OPA 0%

Leeds Brewery’s Original Pale Ale alcohol free is a delicious 0% traditional English pale ale crafted to create a well-rounded, full flavoured, traditionally styled beer.

Aigua de Moritz Alcohol Free

Aigua de Moritz Alcohol Free from Barcelona stands out as a 0.0% cervesa with class, offering light bitterness and the aroma of the Saaz hops flower.

St Peters Without Gold

Slightly sweet malt flavour combined with a citrus bitterness. This will appeal to keen ale drinkers who love a good, full-bodied golden ale and lager drinkers looking for a delicious alcohol free beer.

For support and inspiration see Dry January

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