Erdinger Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer 0.4% Low Alcohol Beer 8/16 x 500ml


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Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a uniquely refreshing low-alcohol isotonic recovery drink. Notably, this non alcoholic Bavarian brew provides the body with essential vitamins, such as folic acid and vitamin B12, which help reduce fatigue and support the immune system. (0.4% ABV). So, kick off your running shoes! Escape your gym kit and towel dry your cossie. Because you DESERVE an Erdinger Alkoholfrei.


A malt aroma gives wheat beer a slightly sweet taste and a touch of hop bouquet adds to the appeal. Spicy and yeasty-fresh. Full-bodied, a lingering bitterness adds to the taste sensation. Erdinger Alkoholfrei is fresh and lively with fine bubbles (in fact, that’s the higher proportion of carbon dioxide at work). To enjoy at its best, open and leave for a few minutes. If you can resist it.

Food pairing

Delicate foods like fish, seafood and sushi pair well with this alcohol free wheat beer – think what goes with a crisp white wine. And try a ball of soft Buffalo mozzarella as the ideal cheese.

Isotonic? What’s that about?

Isotonic drinks can quickly replace the fluids, salts and minerals we lose when sweating. Indeed, they are easy for our systems to take on board. So, you could settle for a sugary sports drink after exercise – or reach for a tasty and isotonic low-alcohol beer instead.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei calories

This energizer is also low in calories, with just 125 kcal per 500ml bottle, and made exclusively from natural ingredients.

Taster pack

Order the Big Brew Mixed Wheat Beer case to enjoy Erdinger Alkoholfrei alongside 3 other great 0.5% ABV brews. Namely Maisel’s Weisse, Paulaner Weisse, and Schneider Weisse.

Erdinger Weißbräu

Erdinger Weissbrau has brewed one thing in its 130 year history – and that’s Bavarian specialty ‘weissbier’ or wheat beer. As a traditional brewery, they make no compromises when it comes to the German Purity Law.

Weissbier or wheat beer?

Surprisingly, it’s the same thing! Wheat beer is made using at least 50 percent malted wheat. ‘Wheat beer’ is used everywhere, except in its native Bavaria, where it’s weissbier or ‘white beer’. Although only the foam is actually white, the name refers to its much lighter, golden color – as opposed to the brown ales drunk for many centuries in Germany.


water, wheat malt, barley malt, hops, yeast, carbon dioxide


Typical value by 100 ml energy – 25 kcal carbohydrate – 5.3  g of which sugar – 3.6 g

Trusted Shops review

‘Quick and easy to order … and the wheat beer is delicious, in fact I am starting to prefer it.’ ( June 2017)

Weight N/A
Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kcal) 25kcal
carbohydrate 5.3g
sugars 3.6g