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Estrella Galicia Lager 0.0% is a delicious alcohol free beer which boasts the golden colour of a typical Pilsner style beer.

Tasting notes

Above all, it has a subtle aroma with floral hoppy notes and a pleasantly sweet flavour that is slightly bitter.

Best served ice-cold, straight from the bottle.

Brewing process

Estrella is brewed with the same ingredients used to make alcoholic beer. Then an advanced technique called ‘vacuum distillation’ brings the percentage of alcohol down to 0.0% without changing the beer in any way.

What could be better? It’s full of flavour and zero alcohol.

Brewing heritage

A 100% family-owned company with a strong heritage — Corporación Hijos de Rivera — brews and bottles Estrella Galicia 0.0 in Galicia in northern Spain.

  • Significantly, Estrella Galicia has made non-alcoholic beer since 1988 and now sells millions of litres. It’s been a great Spanish secret!
  • Entrepreneur José Mª Rivera Corral founded the Estrella de Galicia factory to make ice and beer in 1906. He was back in Spain after travels to Mexico and Cuba.
  • Then José’s son Ramón Rivera modernised the factory. As one of the first Spaniards to get a Master Brewer Diploma, he knew what he was doing.
  • Now the founder’s great grandson and namesake José María Rivera is the company president.

Estrella means ‘star’ in Spanish.

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Alcohol-free reward

Giving up alcohol doesn’t mean condemning yourself to soft drinks, water or fruit juice. Your willpower is already hard at work, so don’t stretch it further by limiting yourself to bland drinks.

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