Exclusive The Ultimate Braxzz Mixed Case Collection 12 x 330ml


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Three distinct IPAs and a world-first porter are yours to enjoy in the Braxzz Mixed Case. Low alcohol or alcohol free, there’s zero compromise on taste with these new beers.

A great varied case of craft to put in the ice bucket when you turn up at the party or BBQ. Enjoy the punchy taste of an IPA, without the knockout high alcohol content.

Each 12 bottle case includes 2 x 330ml bottles of Braxzz:

Trusted Shops review

Braxzz Session IPA low alcohol: ‘Am on second bottle of the evening as I write. My wife has asked for this to go on my re-order list. The honey really hits you when you take the first sip. A wonderful find’

Tasting notes

Orange IPA low alcohol is inspired by American IPAs. Light in colour with a full bodied hop profile. But not too bitter in the aftertaste.

Rebel IPA low alcohol is inspired by English IPAs. Light in colour with a solid bitter note, while being dry in the aftertaste.

Porter Dark coloured and aromatic, Braxzz Porter offers strong espresso and chocolate flavours with hints of dates and figs.

Barreled Bock  Alcohol Free Beer is inspired by nutty, malty German double bocks but is 100% alcohol free

Barreled Oak Cider You can taste and smell both fresh and fermented apples. Combined with some hops and an oak wood finish

 Tripel is light in colour with a rich and complex profile. You can smell and taste elements of banana and citrus, with yeasty and spicy top notes

About Braxzz

Braxzz is a new Dutch craft brewery, founded by a Dutch and British team, which brews in Germany. And it includes one of the oldest brewing families in the world.

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