Festillant Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé Wine


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A refreshing blackberry bouquet stands out when you enjoy a glass of Festillant Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé. It is a lightly sweet sparkling wine from the Loire Valley, home to many of France’s finest wines.

The hillsides soak up the sun, while the cool nights provide essential moisture for the vines. And Festillant Rosé is ideal for a daytime get-together, or to provide the bubbly beginning to an evening event.

So, if you need to stay alcohol-free but still want to celebrate, you can with Festillant Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé.

Tasting notes

A lovely pale pink colour tinged with amber. Fine, long-lasting foam. A refreshing blackberry bouquet. A fruity, ample body underpinned by a light sweetness. Excellent length.

Traditional cellars

The Gratien & Meyer cellars have a tradition dating back more than 150 years. From bottling to packaging, every stage in the production process is carried out at the hillside site in Saumur, in Western France. With a view of the sunlit Vallée des Rois (Valley of the Kings) as its backdrop, the impressive Art Deco style house of Gratien & Meyer looks out over the Loire. It’s a nice image when you’re enjoying a glass…

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