Force Majeure Mixed Case 0.0% Low Alcohol Beer 12 x 330ml

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You receive following in our New Force Majeure mixed case :

3 x Triple Hop-is brewed for lovers of great Belgian beers who prefer more bitterness in the finish. We managed to combine a big malty triple and yet add an extra dimension by using a unique blend of hops, the result is quite amazing.

3 x Kriek In the glass you are presented with a deep red cascading beer with a wonderfully luscious foaming head. As for the taste – a cherry bomb exploding in your mouth is probably the best way to describe this beer.

3 x Brown-it’s a Flemish Ale. We have kept to the traditional brewing methods but added modern twists along the way to create a truly beautifully non-alcoholic beer with notes of caramel, cinnamon and hints of high-quality roasted malts. On the nose – sweet aromas of cinnamon and toffee caramel prevail.

3 x- Real Tripel taste and its own unique character. Initially it has a hint of sweetness, a spicy character and a balanced aftertaste thanks to its combination of 3 grains.



Superior strength

Force Majeure is Belgium’s first alcohol free craft beer. They want to preserve the traditional full taste of Belgian beer (which uses loads of alcohol) while creating beers you can enjoy any time, anywhere. This terrific Tripel shouts ‘success’ to Dry Drinker! If you like a craft beer that’s full of flavour and character, with a touch of malty sweetness, give Force Majeure Tripel a try. Buy online from Dry Drinker.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kcal) 22kcal
fat 0g
carbohydrate 4.5g
sugars 4g
protein 0.5g