Funky Fluid Mixed Beers case 0.5% x 8 500ml

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What you will receive in this amazing mixed case.


This is cutting edge brewing from Funky Fluid and Fusion Brewing
A simply astounding cocktail beer specially brewed to celebrate Summer.
A tropical rolling surf of fabulous flavours start when you open the can and release the spritzy,
zesty limes.
Waves of pineapple crash over your tongue accompanied by a fresh coconut foam and then the
lime is carried in on the wind.
This is a rather smooth tropical devil and one that will delight in every single sip.
It’s the ultimate unique cocktail beer that refreshes and excites like no other can, can.


We believe it to be a new breed of drink that goes by the name of Yellow Fluff, but don’t panic it’s
not here to harm you, its sole purpose is to please you.
Why Yellow Fluff? Because, this incredible beer is stuffed with bananas and passion fruit and just
the perfect balance of marshmallows and vanilla to give you the ultimate summer gelato.

Free Crazy Hazy IPA x2

Following on from our huge hit POINT FIVE is this superb example of a true IPA.
Brewed together with Fusion Brewing to prove that collaboration is better than isolation, Tropical, tart, hugely refreshing and highly addictive, thank goodness it’s non-alcoholic, and all packed in our big 500ml

Funky Fluid x HayB Coffee Stout x2

HypeIt’s a 500 ml behemoth of cold brew coffee infused dark stout with a lingering deep taste but
without the alcohol. Uncompromising quality, cleverly canned and waiting for your pleasure!
Caffeine content, not too much, not too little, about as much as in a double Espresso, approx. 50
mg per (500 ml)

Who are these guys

Michał Lanier and Karol Mizielski from Warsaw established Funky Fluid in September 2018.

From the beginning they decided to make uncompromising beers.

No shortcuts, no skimping on raw materials, only the best quality hops and ingredients. They are the rules that they follow religiously in their daily work.

One of the most outstanding Polish breweries, Funky know how to mess with your senses but in a good way so succumb to the Fluid that is forever Funky – resistance is futile.

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