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A Dry Drinker Gift Certificate gives the gift of choice from the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free shop.

Let your gift recipient choose what they want to buy from the Dry Drinker range of alcohol-free beers – the UK’s largest – and ciders, wine and spirits.

Hassle free

And you can be confident your gift recipient will enjoy the best customer service throughout. They can:

* use Live Chat to get help deciding what to buy

* order hassle-free

* enjoy fast delivery of Dry Drinker goodies (securely boxed) to their doorstep.

Who would love a Gift Certificate?

Anyone who loves a choice of tasty alcohol-free drinks, we’d say. But here are some examples:

* A committed ale drinker who is looking for some lighter beers, that still pack a punch with a range of real hoppy, malty flavours.

* A mum-to-be who’ll be thrilled to pick a zero-alcohol Bubble Taster Pack for their baby shower – and then have lots more tasty alcohol-free drinks to see them through their pregnancy

* A friend training hard for their first marathon (or fun run!) who deserves a reward that won’t scupper their race schedule

* An employee, customer or work contact who would prefer and appreciate an alcohol-free incentive or expression of thanks.

* And everyone who loves to make their own choices from an award winning online shop!

Family feedback

As one of our happy Dry Drinker customer says:

‘This order was a gift for my daughter and son-in-law, who both don’t wish to consume much alcohol, but both enjoy a nice beer. My daughter being a GP, and my son-in-law an athlete who trains hard and runs long distances, as well as working hard in his day job.’

(Trusted Shops review, 2017)



How it works

* select your Gift Certificate value and Add to Basket

* follow the simple ‘coupon receiver details’ instructions at checkout

* lucky recipient gets a Dry Drinker email saying ‘Dry Drinker: Congratulations! You’ve received gift Certificate from…’

* you get a Dry Drinker receipt, confirming your gift has been sent

* you’ll also get the PayPal receipt for your full order.

So, why not share the joy of Dry Drinker and get your Gift Certificate now!

How to redeem the Gift Certificate

If you’re the lucky recipient of a Dry Drinker Gift Certificate, simply create an account at ensuring that you register using the same email address which received the gift certificate. The system will then recognise that you are the recipient and will display the gift certificate at checkout which can then be used as payment for goods.