Hammerton Crunch Peanut Butter Milk Stout 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer 6/12 x 330ml Cans


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Hammerton Crunch Peanut Butter Milk Stout 0.5%. Yes, it tastes as ‘wow!’ as it sounds.

Tasting notes

After 3 months and 37 experiments, this stout has the perfect ratio of peanut butter, lactose, and biscuit. A massive hit of roasted peanuts and biscuit on the nose, followed by a silky-smooth mouthfeel, and a sweet CRUNCH as it goes down.

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Good beer takes time

This brewery is bringing great tasting beer back to the borough of Islington (and the world). Micro brewing small batch beers, their ’emphasis is on taste and using the best quality ingredients possible. Good beer takes time and patience’. The team – founder Lee, commercial manager Karina, sales team Rachel & Tim, head brewer James, lead brewer Elvin, brewer Patrick, accounts by Shila and deliveries by Nic – are lovers of all things beer. Their beers are influenced not just by English beers but the great beers found across the globe.

Hammerton history

The Hammertons first brewed in London from 1868 to the late 1950s. Though the original brewery was demolished, in 2014, a member of the Hammerton family decided to resurrect the family name in brewing.


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