Exclusive Hellraiser Dark Amber Non Alcoholic Malt Beer 0.03% – 6/12 x 335ml



‘America’s Best Selling Non Alcoholic Craft Beer’

Hellraiser Dark Amber Non Alcoholic Beer is the new deliciously dark amber brewed to raise hell, responsibly. Hellraiser springs from Missouri-based WellBeing Brewing – the first brewery in the whole USA dedicated to making alcohol free craft beer.  A member of the Dry Drinker team tried it during a visit to the US and was hooked, so we had to stock it for you to try!

Tasting notes

This citrus hop-forward amber from Wellbeing Brewery has the perfect balance of floral aroma and spicy hops to delight the palette.  It’s is easy to drink anytime or all the time, with only 0.3% ABV. And it’s only 80 kcal per can.

How WellBeing brew

Let’s hear it from WellBeing Brewing founder Jeff Stevens: ‘Unlike many non alcoholic beers that use a method called stop-fermentation (which says it all), we fully brew the craft beer. ‘We then use the latest in brewing technology to ever so gently remove the alcohol at room temperature. There’s no boiling. Our process is so gentle in fact, the beer barely notices. ‘What’s left is a great tasting non-alcoholic craft beer, with all the flavour and aromatics intact.’ We agree with Jeff, it tastes great. So start raising hell, responsibly.

Additional information

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