Herrljunga Anno 69 Alcohol Free Craft Cider -12 x 330ml

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Herrljunga Anno 69 Alcohol Free Cider is totally Swedish refreshment.

It’s a craft cider made from cold pressed apples that are pressed, fermented and bottled in Herrljunga, Sweden. It contains 24% real juice, mixed with spring water from the Herrljunga well.

Please note best before date 12.02.21 Priced accordingly.

Tasting notes

Pale straw in colour with a refreshing crisp character of fresh apples and a sweet finish.

Enjoy chilled over lots of ice.

No artificial flavours or colourings.

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Herrljunga Anno 69 Alcohol Free Cider is just the latest winner from the company that makes Sweden’s most popular cider. Herrljunga Cider logoThis fourth generation drinks company started more than 100 years ago and it’s factory, warehouse, office and farm shop are all still located in the small community of Herrljunga. This is also the source of the spring water used to make the cider.

Football focus

Anno 69 Cider commemorates the year Herrljunga made the switch to cider. And it was all down to football. The then CEO Bertil Branmark and his son Sture came to England to watch a match. (Apparently, Swedes had a love for English teams because the Swedish season is in hibernation during the winter and Swedish TV showed top-flight English games on Saturday afternoons ). Afterwards, they bought a pint of the local specialty cider at a local pub. They liked it so much they decided to make their own cider production when they returned to Sweden. Later that year, the first Herrljunga cider was launched in its classic green bottle. What was not known then was that this would become Sweden’s most popular cider *.

Holy water

The company’s existence is due to a mix of religious necessity and free enterprise: in 1911, Free Church pastor Oskar Svenberg realised there was a shortage of communion wine for his services in the Herrljunga area. So, he began to make it himself and then sent on to sell it to other churches. The Branmark family took over the company in 1945 and since then the business has expanded every year.

Community apple collection

ApplesLocal people can take their excess homegrown apples to the Herrljunga Shop, where they can exchange them for produce. The apples are used to make cold-pressed apple juice. Nothing wasted!                
Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values 100ml
energy (kJ) 140kj
energy (kcal) 30kcal
carbohydrate 7.6g
sugars 7.6g