High Point Ruby Aperitif 0.0%

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Introducing High Point Ruby Aperitif, a delicious 0.0% alcohol aperitif, taking no shortcuts to reach the most exceptional flavours.

Created in Cornwall this is a refreshing fermented aperitif created with 6 natural flavours of Hibiscus, Lavender, Wormwood, Pink Peppercorn, Orange Zest & Grapefruit Zest – its perfect served with food and in great company.

Simply serve over ice or try the High Point Ruby Spritz: Mix 1 part Ruby 4 parts tonic Pour over ice Add a slice of pink grapefruit


What’s better than a combination of good friends, delicious food, and a nice sunset. Making these perfect moments even more memorable is tough, but High Point do it by giving you great flavour and a clear head that means you can do it all again tomorrow.

Fermentation takes time, but time brings rich flavours, deep aromas and complexity. Some say High Point are doing things the hard way, but theyd say it’s the right way. Like waiting for the perfect wave, it takes patience and time. But when it all comes together you know it was worth the wait. Our process takes over a month and each bottle begins with raw, natural ingredients. They start by brewing and fermenting their own base. Then infuse with actual fruit, herbs and botanicals. No bottled extracts or bought in flavourings. And finally, they start work on the perfect blend. Tapping into decades of experience, High Point brewers create the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spice. The result is delicious flavour, inviting aroma, and lasting aftertaste. No shortcuts. No corners cut. And no lab coats. It’s the High Point craft, created to complement their lifestyle.