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Hitachino Nest Non Ale Low Alcohol Beer

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Hitachino Nest Non Ale non alcoholic beer is brewed in Japan with a unique fermentation method.

Though only high grade German malts and American hops are used for this 0.3% ABV ale, be assured it’s a Japanese beer, rather than a western imitation. And it’s the first non alcoholic Japanese beer on sale in the UK, as far as we know.

Tasting notes

A supreme brew that offers a well balanced malt taste with a light hop flavour.

Pale, Munich and Cristal and chocolate malts and Cascade and Sabro hops.

Ideal serve at 6 ºC

Quality beats fashion

Hitachino Nest Non Ale is from the family-run Kiuchi Brewery, which brews for people who love good beer rather than following craft beer fashion.

They pursue perfection.

Skilled brewers recognise subtle differences in the flavours and aromas of malted barley and hops as the seasons change, and strike the balance to create the perfect brew.

Kiuchi Brewery

Kiuchi Brewery has been brewing Japanese sake since 1823 and the family is now in its 8th generation. As folklore goes, sake sprange out of the well near the brewery.

Taking on ‘Big 4’ brewers

Similar to gin making in the UK, beer making in Japan was limited by law to 4 big breweries – Asahi, Kirin, Suntory and Sapporo – until 1994. Deregulation allowed Kiuchi to fight their way into the market with 3 ales.

Hitachino Nest

‘Ko-u-no-su’ is the village where Hitachino beer is born, with ‘su’ literally meaning Nest. And the brewery is in the ancient Japanese province of Hitachino, always famous for its fertile soil, which is perfect for brewing.

The Hitachino owl clearly thinks ‘Nest is best’ and Dry Drinker agrees. Buy online from the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free store.