Infinite Session IPA Alcohol Free 0.5% 6/12 x 330ml



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Infinite Session IPA is a new alcohol free IPA crafted to deliver exactly what it says on the tin. Crisp lager, hoppy pale ale and intense IPA. No more, no less.

Tasting notes

Double dry-hopped with Cascade and Amarillo to give a bold citrus flavour. Six grains combine to give a smooth, full body and taste just like your favourite craft beer.

With only 36 calories in each can – vs 150 calories in a regular strength beer – it’s a beer to enjoy all day.

Infinite Session

Award-winning Infinite Sessions brew this hoppy IPA in the UK.

Beer is bigger than booze. It’s about big flavours, bold choices and brilliant times. Like us, they’re unapologetically alcohol free; we don’t need a reason, and neither do you.

Why not make up your order with some juicy award-winning Infinite Session American Pale Ale and the crisp, refreshing new Infinite Sessions PILS,

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