Insel-Brauerei’s Award winning Swimmer’s Saison 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer 6/12 x 330ml


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Tasting Notes

Swimmers Saison is a lively, effervescent, light and very refreshing non-alcoholic version of our original Saison.
It distinguishes itself with a bright amber tone and a white and solid foam crown.

Beer Style

Belgian- & French-Style Saison


Meiningers International Craft Beer Award – Gold 2020

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Who are Insel-Brauerei

The uniqueness of these beers is achievedby Insel’s new brewing method. Markus Berberich (Brewery Founder) and Frank Lucas (Brewmaster) have,after a year of intensive development, managed to create an incredible taste through a sophisticated interactionof all the beers separate components. Brewing is done exclusively with natural hops.

The whole umbels use dunfold in the brewing kettle all their finest fragrance and the best bitterness.At below 35° C, the new fresh distillation is a very gentle process to preserve the typical taste of the beer. Significant fragrances and flavour profiles are protected and the result is a non-alcoholic craft beer with a natural mouth feel on par with the alcoholic versions and a truly stunning taste. The beers own carbon dioxide is collected during the fermentation process and later returned to the non-alcoholic beer, this means that thenatural flavour and the character typical of the beer style are genuine facsimiles.

After bottling, the non-alcoholic beers are aged using the traditional conditioning method. This bottle maturation with all its peculiarities and expense guarantees the bottles are oxygen-free and the natural paper wrapper as light protection, ensures a particularly long freshness of up to 24 months.

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