Kombucha Kat Blueberry organic – 6/12 x 250ml


Kombucha Kat Blueberry. For the fruity. Made from Kombucha Kat Original flavoured with only organic blueberry juice.

Full of natural antioxidants and fermented with living kombucha cultures, it proves kombucha doesn’t have to taste like vinegar. A good can is hard to find but this is it!

Pure and delicious Kombucha Kat Original is made with premium organic Japanese sencha green tea, filtered water, organic raw cane sugar, and living kombucha cultures.

You want organic, vegan, raw and unpasteurised and you’ve got it all with Kombucha Kat.


  • just 4.7 g / 100 ml sugar
  • less than 0.5% ABV
  • oodles of live lactobacillus

Eco brewery

Kombucha Kat is cultured in the heart of the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds.

The brewery is powered by 100% renewable energy and all packaging recycled and recyclable.

What’s not to love about this cool Kat? Buy online from Dry Drinker, the UK’s most trusted alcohol free store.


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